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Cannot connect to wifi with a canon ts9120 with a mac/iphone



I have a canon ts9120 and I am unable to connect it to my wifi router using my mac and iphone.  I'd like to use this as a network printer and not use the direct connect anymore.

I followed the directions by updating the firmware, rebooting my router, printer, phone, computer, modem, etc.. I watched all videos on the canon site on how to do this and it still doesn't connect.

I get further using the macbook than the iphone. With the iphone I can only get to the point of selecting the wifi name then after that it cannot find the printer.

Sometimes the software is reading the old router name and not the name I changed it to which is frustrating.  Sometimes it reads the new name.

On the macbook I can get to the point where the software finds the printer but then after that it goes to the screen where it says the router signal is 0%.

I've tried both the easy connect, manual connect, and wired connect to no avail.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


 TS9120 owner


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Canon Customer, 

Please tap the Wi-Fi icon in the lower left corner of the display on your PIXMA TS9120

On the next screen, what is listed next to SSID? 

Please scroll down the list; what is listed next to Signal strength(%)?

Below that, what is listed next to IPv4 address?




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