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Cannot connect to TS3322 tried everything!! Help!


Trying to connect to ts3322 thru WiFi so I can print from my phone. Will not connect, tried everything I can find here, in app, Google search. Is this printer defective or something? Never had this much annoying crap trying to simply print 1 dang page!! Guess Canon printers must be junk??




If you'd like help, we need to know more about your environment.  What you are trying to connect to, the steps you performed and what happened.  The printer will only connect to a 2.4Ghz broadcast.  It supports (WPS) Wi-Fi Protected Setup if this is supported by your router. 


Here are some helpful links:


Canon Knowledge Base - Wireless Setup Help - PIXMA TS3320 / TS3322


Canon Knowledge Base - Connecting Your Printer to a Wireless LAN (WPS PIN Code) - TS3300 Series


We are at a disadvantage since "Tried everything" doesn't tell us what you did, or what happened when you did it. 



Bay Area - CA
~6D2(v1.1.1) ~Many Lenses ~DxO PhotoLab Elite ~Windows10 Pro ~EVGA RTX 3080Ti FTW3 Ultra ~ImageClass MF644Cdw ~Pixel6 ~R5C On Order

I have followed the instructions, Loaded and reloaded the manul and the setup. The printer blinks over and over and does not stop. It displays P then 2 on the screen, but NOTHING I do will connect it to the network. (I even tried my old printer, just to check the network; not a problem.) WHAT IS THE IP ADDRESS OF THIS PRINTER?! It cannot connect without an IP address! I bought this printer because it PRoMISED ti to be easy to hookup! I DO NOT want to use a printer cable. NOTHING ABOUT THIS HAS BEEN EASY! (And I am not a novice!)


Going through same problem tonight. Walked through every single Canon printer assistant, set up, and beyond taking a computer class this Canon ts3322 WILL NOT connect to my wifi through my Mac or my iphone! Im so frustrated as this printer did work a few times, but it's ALWAYS BEEN A NIGHTMARE to connect to my network to get the POS to work correctly. No, it is NOT user friendly! Nothing but frustration since day one getting it to connect my high speed internet that ALL MY OTHER DEVICES HAVE NO PROBLEM DOING!! Never again CANON!