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Can't see MP560 on WiFi with new Windows 10 laptop




I have a new Windows 10 laptop and am trying to set up the wireless printer. Presently have another laptop that recognizes that WiFi printer and I can connect and print a test page with no problem. MP560 has an IP addres but it doesn't show up on my wireless router. Suggestions on next steps? Thanks!


Rising Star

Hi gglasgall,


I understand you have two laptops and the PIXMA MP560. The older laptop can print without a problem; however, the new laptop (Windows 10) cannot. 


To confirm that the Windows 10 laptop and the printer are on the same network, please type the printer's IP Address into the address bar (do not type the IP Address into the Search Bar) and go to that website. If you are successfully able to access the webpage it should bring up the printers remote website. If you are unsuccessful at reaching the printers remote website, confirm that the computer is connected to the same network listed next to SSID on the network configuration page. If you need to connect the printer to the network the computer is on, click HERE for wireless setup instructions.

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