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Can't enter wifi password on Canon Pixma TS9020


I have a Canon Pixma TS 9020 and we recently changed our router password.  When I try to connect the printer to the wifi it doesn't ask for a new password.  Instead it immediately tries to connect to the wifi and then fails the login.  It says I should check the password, but NEVER lets me actually enter a password.  How do I enter the wifi new password into the printer?







Best to perform set up again following these instructions.

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Product Expert
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Hi SteveC68,


If you are having problems with getting a chance to enter your password, it will usually mean the printer is not getting the proper password request from the router. In this situation, you can try unplugging your router from the power for 5 seconds and then plugging it back in. If you still have problems, I would suggest trying to connect using a different setup option.


The setup option I would suggest in this situation would be a WPS pin code setup. You can follow the steps HERE to find the instructions on how to run the printer's WPS pin code setup.


If you still have an issue with setup, please reply to this message with the information below so we can better assist.

  1. What model router are you trying to connect to?
  2. If you select any other routers in range, do you get a prompt to enter the password?


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Hi hector,

I am also having this problem, can’t seem to figure out how to enter a pin on my router but when I select another router that’s within range, I’m prompted to enter a passcode but not when I’m trying to connect to my router. Can you assist?