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Both wireless and USB printing on a MX892?


I am currently printing from my computer to a new MX892 via a USB cable. I was afraid to set up wireless in case that would mean I could only print wirelessly, which is likely not true. I might (rarely) choose to print from my iPad or iPod wirelessly, if that was an option. My question: Can I set up wireless printing for those rare occasions without creating problems for printing via USB the majority of the time?


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Hi Jswayney,


As long as you are not setting up both Wireless and USB connections on the same computer, you should be fine.  For example, you can have the printer working fine connected via USB, then set the printer up on your Laptop as strictly wireless and it won't have any effect on your desktop computer.  The same goes for our iPad.  Since the MX892 supports Airprint, if you have the printer configured wirelessly and use the iPad to print wirelessly, the desktop should remain uneffected.

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This is similar to a question/problem I am having.  I originally set up my MX892 for wireless connection.  Rather than printing, I am actually scanning a fairly large volume of documents.  For only occasional/light scanning the wireless works fine, but I would like to connect by USB for these larger jobs.  Is there any way for me to use the MX892 with a USB connection now without reinstalling the software and changing the conneciton method (on the same computer)?  I have tried hooking up the USB connection and it doesn't appear to work with the scanner; oddly, it works fine for printing.

thank you, thats great. so how do I get my lap top, IPAd, and others

to set up and recognize the wify printer?



Please, what steps do I take to set up

the MX892 to configure wirelessly so then I use the iPad, phone, etc., to print wirelessly?

It is already cabled to my main computer and works well.


thank you

Hi paulb,


You will need to connect the printer to your network wirelessly prior to printing from your iPad and iPhone.  To setup the printer wirelessly, please follow the steps located at the link below related to your operating system:


Wireless Setup - Windows 


Wireless Setup - Mac


Once the printer is connected wirelessly, you can setup your iPad and iPhone to print via AirPrint.  To do this, please follow the steps located here


Hope this helps!

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It is easy if you have a Mac . In the OSX printer settings just add another 895 printer with USB or wireless. You can up to add 3 printers for the 895 printer.
For the 895 : AirPrint, bonjour wireless, and USB. Then just select the correct one from the print settings when you print or fax.
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