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Bluetooth Adapter for Pixma ip6220D? [printer from 2011]


I have the Canon Pixma ip6220D printer. I got mine in 2011 and it is still working. It is capable of wireless printing via Bluetooth with an adapter but I never got the adapter when I got the printer and now I need it.

Canon made the Bluetooth adapter for the ip6220D, part number BU-20, but so far I haven't found one and I doubt I will since it uses old tech.  It uses Bluetooth version 1.2.  Anyway, anyone know if Bluetooth is backwards compatible?  In other words will a new, different adapter for Bluetooth 5.0 let's say, still work?

The old BU-20 adapter just plugs into what looks like a USB port on the printer so that's the kind of adapter I need.

I just want to know if I can get the Bluetooth working on this old printer.  Thanks much.






The last Canon adapter made was the BU-30.  If you want a canon adapter, you'll have to hunt for one.  

Bluetooth is backwards compatible.  I would try and find the cheapest USB/BT adapter available.  Plug it into the printer and see if you can pair a phone or computer to it. 

Replacing your 12yr old printer is another option.  


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eBay has BU-20 and BU-30 products available.

Agree with Rick. Compare total cost of getting a new printer which will come with a complete set of ink vs buying the BT adapter.

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