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Adding ICC Profiles in Print and Layout Manager


I have downloaded and added ICC profiles for a Hahnemuhle sampler pack. For the life of me, I cannot get them to show up in Professional Print and Layout Manager. They show up just fine in Capture One’s print dialog, but not PP&L. 

If I try adding them via the Media Configuration Tool, I can locate the profiles, but they, as well as the already installed Canon paper profiles are grayed out and unavailable.

The profiles live in Library-> ColorSync and I also copied them to Users->(my name)-> Library-> Colorsync

The details: MacOS Sonoma 14.5, Pro-300 printer, most current version of PP&L. Under System Settings->printers & scanners the Pro-300 shows up as Canon Pro-300 series-AirPrint, with no option to change that.



Hey there!

Welcome to the Canon Community Forums!

So that everyone is on the same page, can you please ensure you've installed the Canon drivers & software from the following page: 

Even if you have in the past, that page will re-download and re-install the most up-to-date drivers so you can take advantage of all of the printer's features. Please let us know if you've done that and still need help.

If this is an urgent support need, give support a call at 800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666), and they'll help you get to the bottom of whatever might be causing the problem! 


Yup, been there, done that. Also ripped out and reinstalled PP&LM.

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