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Accounting Manager - stop working - Failed to save tje job logs.(4102)




Been using Canon Ploter for some time now, and from day one I have been blessed with "Canon Accouting Manager" thanks to which getting jobs does is fast and profitable.


I had issues from time to time when AM wouldn'g recieve the freshest jobs from printer, but that would last until 2-3 next jobs got printed out, then it would sync and it was fine.


Sadly software stopped communicating with printer (wired ethernet)


In application I see:

"Failed to save tje job logs.(4102)"


in CMActLog_App.log


2021-06-26T23:40:52+02:00,e,0x000016d8,cnwaamapp.exe,AM,costcalc,,0,failed to get the other unit cost,commonxmlpxd.cpp,4653
2021-06-26T23:40:52+02:00,e,0x000016d8,cnwaamapp.exe,AM,costcalc,,0,receive illegal otherfilterType. otherfilterType=1,costcalcviewsettingif.cpp,1090
2021-06-26T23:40:52+02:00,e,0x000016d8,cnwaamapp.exe,AM,costcalc,,0,receive illegal otherfilterType. otherfilterType=1,costcalcviewsettingif.cpp,1090
2021-06-26T23:40:52+02:00,e,0x000016d8,cnwaamapp.exe,AM,costcalc,,0,m_jobCostDataCache is NULL.,jobcostmaker.cpp,3533



In CMActLog_Ser.log

2021-06-26T23:54:58+02:00,e,0x000008fc,cnwaamdetch.exe,detch 1.0.0,7438B7C9106F,,4294967295,ReadData():File not found.,cconnectionjoblog.cpp,424
2021-06-26T23:54:58+02:00,e,0x000008fc,cnwaamdetch.exe,detch 1.0.0,74:38:B7:C9:10:6F,,5003,AddJobLog(): AddJobLog() error.,caccessdb.cpp,212
2021-06-26T23:54:58+02:00,e,0x000008fc,cnwaamdetch.exe,detch 1.0.0,74:38:B7:C9:10:6F,28870,4102,Add JobLog Error. JobTime[2021/06/25 10:43:17],caccessprinter.cpp,1059
2021-06-26T23:54:58+02:00,e,0x000008fc,cnwaamdetch.exe,detch 1.0.0,74:38:B7:C9:10:6F,28870,4102,Connect JobLogDB Error.,caccessprinter.cpp,955

I been on phone with one Canon technician that told me that "He coulnd't find this issue on Canon pages so its not common". Its been 7 days now, and printer started to "delete" old job history - I notice this and started to write it down on paper, but its getting more and more frustrating.


What I did till now:

- reinstall every CANON application including drivers

- uninstall Accouting Manager few times also using deep uninstallers (like Revo) so it clean up everything

- readded printer

- disabled/enabled password protection in remoteUi

- disabled/enabled ipv6 (I dont use it anyway in my network, and from time to time people write that some issues could be related)

- added printer by Name to PC

- added printer by IPv4

- restarted each time I changed something

- started/restarted AC Resident service

- deleted AC folder in both %AppData% and %ProgramData%

- changed perminision for AC Resident service (no worry each time I reinstall it it set proper settings)

- sniffed with "Process monitor" what "files it can't find but im blind or couldn't see what file it was

- sniffed network and saw that communication is there AC is sending POST /canon/ij/command2/port2 HTTP/1.1 or later recieve encoded data


Currently im on Windows 10 Pro, 21H, 19043.1081


I used to have working setup, I updated from 1.4.0 to 1.5.0a but it did work for some time. Im unsure if it was related to Windows 21H update or something else.


I'm currently out of ideas and the Canon Technician said that he wasn't trying to resolve the issue last week, and now the job history is getting delete so I have more work to do.


Anyone have idea what got wrong ? Also im writing this down because one of few similar cases I found was about older printer and the solution was to hook it up with USB which is not possible with my setup.



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi canon4life,


It is recommended that you contact Canon's Contact Center to speak with a Technical Support Representative for further assistance.  There is NO charge for this call.  Please dial 1-800-423-2366, Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 8:00 pm Eastern Time, excluding holidays.  A Technical Support Representative can resolve this issue for you quickly via phone.







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Hey there! It's frustrating when the technology you've come to rely on stops working properly. While it's unclear what is causing the communication issue between your Canon Accounting Manager software and printer, you should try contacting Canon's support team for assistance. In the meantime, check out PayStubCreator. This website can help you generate accurate pay stubs quickly and easily without needing external software or hardware.

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