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connecting the PS 50 camera to the Selphy CP910 photo printer


When I connect the Canon power Shot S50 to the Canon Selphy CP910 via the proper printer cable interface USB cable the printer flashes an error "Remove unsupported USB Device"  the user guide for the Camera indicates that it can print to any CP supported printing device.  How can I resolve this problem?



Since the S50 is PictBridge compliant, it should work.


Some suggestions: Are you sure the cable is the correct one? Are you in the camera's playback mode when you connect to the printer? Are you trying to print RAW images as opposed to JPEG's? RAW format photos cannot be printed with the direct print. I am not familiar with that particular printer, but make sure there are no memory cards in the printer before you connect to the camera.

Have you tried printing by putting the memory card into the printer? If that works, then it may be the cable that is causing the error.




In addition to what steve mentioned, beginning on page 231 of the SX50IS  manual the first thing it says is be sure both the camera and printer are off before connecting them.

Your printer series should be compatable, see if there are any updates listed on the Canon website for your printer also.

Hi John,


I wasn't real sure if they meant the SX50IS or the older S50 camera. Both Powershots are listed in the PictBridge Compliance list though.



Oh geeez I just saw S50 and thought SX50 !