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canon S100 powershot camera


My canon powershot S100 does not fire when i have it set to auto mode or any other mode...The flash pops up, the red beam lights up when I press to take a shot..but, flash does not fire...Anyone have this problem..or, can tell me why this is happening. Thank you, 



Are you getting a focus confirmation from the camera? Are you shooting at such a close range that the camera maybe senses an overexposure condition? Does just the flash not fire, or does the shutter also not trip?

Oh... And it looks like you're not the only one with shutter issues.

what do you mean by "shutter issues"? i get a picture but it is my shutter is opening...
i have it set to flash on...the flash bar pops up..and, my picture will focus when I press half way...I get the red beam takes a picture...yet...the flash will not fire which results in a dark picture which I cannot use...appreciate your help..s100

Everything is as usual...but, no flash.

The flash bar pops up, I can focus as usual, the red beam shows, however, no flash when I take the picture..Thank you

I have the flash set to "on" auto or any of the flashbar pops up..when I press the shutter button  halfway, it will focus on the subject..the red beam appears..however, it will not flash...I get the picture, but, is is very dark...too dark...cannot use..

So, it takes the picture..just too dark...due to flash not firing...I appreciate your help..Thank you..s100