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Which pocket camera?


I'm looking at a small, light pocket camera that will still take much better pictures than the best smart phones. Even though I'll take an occasional video, pictures are the main priority.

I've been looking at the Sony Cybershot RX100 III, the Canon Powershot G7X mark 2, or the Canon Powershot G9X, but am also open to other suggestions.


My main decision point now is if it's worth the extra price, weight, and size of the RX100 and G7X ii over the G9X. Is the picture quality of the larger cameras noticeably better than the G9X? I really like the size and weight of the G9X and the fact that it shares the same sensor as the bigger ones so I'm thinking it will be easy to fit in my jeans pocket while traveling so I'll always have it with me.


With the other Sony and Canon, do you think they're too big and heavy to comfortably carry in your jeans pocket? I have a Sony Alpha 6000 and even with the default lens it feels very heavy after a few hours of walking around Disney World.

If I do decide to go with the bigger ones, is there a noticeable difference in image quality between them or is it mainly ergonomics, easy of use, and extra features? I saw some reviews said the G7X mark I didn't autofocus as fast as the Sony RX100 III, but what about the new G7X mark ii? I can't find many comparisons of these 2 even though they're at similar price points.


I'm mainly looking to leave the camera in auto, but occasionally like to play with setting or change the scenes.

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