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The on off button doesn't work and I can only get my canon power on by taking battery out?


The on off button no longer works, this could be due to water damage when I was caught in a massive thunder and lighting storm as my camera was soaked and shut of at the time but soon after I got a new camera and never went back to my old one however since my power shot  is light and small it's handy and the only way to get the camera on is puttting the battery in and out to get it of, any idea how I can fix it or if I can pay to get it fixed? It could have been if it was water damaged about 1 year ago, everything else works fine! I own the power shot sx510 hs 



What I would do is first try an excellent contact cleaner like Deoxit D5. I've used it for years and if your problem is due to a bad contact or stuck switch that's your best shot other than sending it for service. That contact cleaner is safe for plastic, rubber etc. too.

As far as sending it in for service weigh the cost against buying a refurbished or used model first you'd be surprised at how little these cameras sell for on auction sites etc.

If the button is water damaged any way I can fix it at home?

That depends on a few things. It made just be dirty or stuck in the On position in which case that contact cleaner if your best first choice to try.

Taking these cameras apart is tricky there are a lot of tiny screws, connectors etc. Some of the screws are different sizes but by only like 1 mm not easy to see by eye and remember where they went. As usual taking it apart is easier than putting it back together. And there is a sequence to taking it apart depending on what you need to get at. The top most likely require both front and back covers to come off. There is a lot of room to make a mistake.

And if your going to take it apart you should have the part needed on hand to repair it which is the top flexible PC board with the switch mounted on it. Not sure where you could get that. The button you press presses down on that internal switch and just the switch is not replaceable, not sold and most likely very tiny.

Im very good at repairing things and I would not attempt it without having the part and some guidance, there may be a utube video on taking it apart. There is a service manual but is very hard to find unless Canon would give it up. You can google all that.

You might wind up with a camera shaped paperweight

You should buy and try that contact cleaner first it has saved me many times with problems such as your describing.

Deoxit D5

Okay thank you so much! also would I press down and rub it into the button? And does it apply to a button that externally doesn't appear stuck down? 🙂 thank you so much for helping me 

The electrical button is under the mechanical button you press. So the mechanical button works but the one under it might be stuck in the on position.

That Deoxit  D5 comes with a spray straw and 3 spray settings, high, medium and low. Cover the rest of the camera with a rag or paper towels so as to not make a big mess but do not worry it will not harm anything if some overspray goes on it.  Use the low setting with the straw inserted in the nozzle and spray it around the seam of the button so it gets inside...a little at a time then press the button a few times try the camera see if it works if not repeat. It might take a little while for it to disolve whatever is keeping the button stuck...the electrical button you can't see. 

Amazon sells that Deoxit D5 probably elsewhere too

Your welcome and good luck!

Ok thank you so much!! I will tell you how I get on, even if it doesn't work I am a step closer to knowing what is 🙂

Your very welcome and yes with a little bit of luck you'll fix it Smiley Happy

I tried it!(well I got my grandad to help me) but I think I will go and do it myself because I am not scared in case something goes wrong, I need to get my own spray but only have a WD 40? Would that be safe to use? If this doesn't work what should I do? Thanks again for you help I have nobody else to ask 🙂

LOL  NO don't use WD40 that will destroy your camera!

Wait till you get that Deoxit D5, there may be others that are safe for paint, plastic, rubber too but I've stuck with the Deoxit

I just looked and it is sold at Radio Shack also so maybe you have one near to you that stocks it?

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