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Shutter issue with S100


I am having the same issue that a lot of people are having with the shutter button on the Canon S100. The focus works but the button wont take a picture. Occasionally if I hold it down for 5 seconds it will trigger but otherwise nothing. I sent it in for repair but Canon wanted to charge me what I thought was an unreasonable amount to fix, more than a newer model. Very dissapointed in Canon not standing by their products. Has anyone had any luck fixing this on their own?



I don't know why your post is not on the thread with all the other (30 pages) posts on this topic. Several of us, me included, have easily fixed the problem with a product called "Deoxit". You can find it on Amazon. Use the D5 spray, followed by a few drops of the Gold. Start by just spraying around the shutter button (camera off) and after drying for 10 minutes power on and try the shutter. If that does not work, get a tiny phillips head screw driver, take off the from cover, and spray a short squirt in the shutter area. That will most likely do it, but if it doesn't -- take off the rest of the cover pieces and work the spray directly into the switch. I hope this works for you. Use extreme care (clean work surface, cup for screws etc) during surgery.

Worth noting that this sometimes fixes the problem for only a short period of time and for some (e.g. me) the fix does not work any longer.  Please add your voice to the other thread if you haven't already.