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SX70 - automatically create folders by month


My SX60 was set up to create a new file folder at the end of each month. I cannot find a means to do the same with my SX70 other than manually creating a new folder each month. I have searched the manual and on-line sources but cannot find a resolution. Can it be done? Thanks.



I find the same, but have just stepped up to the SX70 from my fairly old-school S3 IS. It had the "Daily" option to reset it at 2 AM, mainly for me to be able to get to particular days on backpacking trips. SX70 HS? No such automatic folder creation I can find. So... just manually creating the next folder?


I moved up to the SX70 from my beloved SX50, whose zoom lens was worn out.

It's weird to me that they dropped this feature. They added a bunch of features that I don't care about, but it seems that on this camera, all the photos go into the same folder. I sure got used to that monthly folder!  Oh well.

You can create a new folder and then further photos go into that new folder. It's something on backpacking trips I intended to do every morning, and regularly forgot to do. (I liked the old feature too.)

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