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SX70 Indicator light


hello. I have just purchased my SX70, and have  question...


Should the  indicator light be on all the time the camera is?  The manual says "the indicator on top remains lit or blinks depending on camera status"


"On":  recording stills to the memory card, or reading stills from the card


"slow blinking" : Display off


"Blinking" : Recording movies to the memory card, or reading movies from the card

                    Transmitting via Wi-Fi


on mine,  






No, the indicator light should probably not turn on, and stay on.  


You might have an issue with your memory card.  What brand and model memory card are you using?


Be sure to use the correct card for the camera.  Consult your manual for the best types of SD cards.  Never use a micro-SD card with an adapter, which are listed in the manual as being compatible.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Thanks, I DO have a micro card....


I too had a question about the indicator light being on "all the time" or not. I have not used the camera for 6 month and thought I remember the green light being on constantly. BUT with my age related bad memory, I wasn't sure.


Today it has been coming on with a 'low intensity' flutter. After a few seconds it will either turn off or start blinking at about 1 second intervals. The "fluttering" caused me to be concerned. I spent a good amount of time reviewing the manual and blogs but I cound not find anything close to my situation.


As already noted, the manual is very unclear. As also already noted in the manual states, "The indicator on top REMAINS lit or blinks depending on camera status". Then in the status chart it shows ON when recording "stills to memory card". Nothing about being ON continuously during normal opertion.


I called Technical Support and 'we read' the manual together. Technician could not find any more than I did. He left me on hold while he "checked" further. He came back to me, obviously just finishing a call to "someone else" and I caught "we need to clarify this in the manual".  He then offered a return link for posible repair and ended the call.


Out all this, I'm "pretty" sure the indicator is NOT "on all the time". Mine does "slow blink" about 1 second intervals, Disply Off. Blinks faster when writing to storage. The "very fast fluttering" is intermittant and the camera appears to be functioning normally.  On with my day!


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