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SX620 HS video length


I need an hour+ but my PowerShot only records a maximum of 20 minutes in FHD.  Is there a way to extend the length of a video recording session?


Do I need a different Canon camera to get longer videos?


Another solution would be a camera that allows starting and stopping videos remotely with Camera Connect or another tool.


TIA for any suggestions!


Cheers - Bob



There are two limits.  Maximum record time, which is 30 minutes.  Maximum files size, whichi I believe is 4GB.

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For working with no limits* for video, it's best to use dedicated video equipment (camcorder, cinema camera).


* limited only by space on cards and available power.


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According to experiments by Gordon Laing of Camera Labs, the R3 can record up to 6 hours of 4k 25P video - mind you it will cost a packet, and may take a while to deliver, but it might be worth comparing to a dedicated video camera.

Canon EOS R3 review: QUALITY photo video vs R5 Part 2 - YouTube at 12:35 sec mark

cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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