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SX50 filters?


Hi, I bought the cameraq a while back and I thought to buy some filters. I like to buy oroginal as much as possible, and imagine my surprise when I found out the PL filter from Canon was $390!...How is it posible?

Can somebody -specially somebody representing Canon- explain to me why should a filter be almost as expensive as the camera itself? Don't they want to sell their own products?


sebastian pons



Yes I saw that but the Polarizing filter was less than that, I think I saw it on Canon in the high $200's. I searched and searched and finally found it for $179 which is still pretty high since the camera itself only cost me $360. I do not know how they can justify those prices either, I broke down and bought it at $179 on Amazon ( Canon 67 Filter PL-C B ) and it really makes a big difference in the pictures. I found the UV filter for $49 on Rakuten.

Like you I try and stay with original accessories and passed up on the less expensive ones.

That PL filter is not peculiar to the SX50.

Only useful if you take, or want to take, scenes that benefit from such a filter.

There is quite a lot that can be done afterwards if you use raw files - which you should. 


NO, not a UV filter - that was for film.


ND might be useful, with the same proviso as above for the PL.


Veteran I like the way you can adjust the light into the lens with that PL filter because it rotates and the effect is instantly visible. I took some shots of myself using it and it really made a difference in softening the light..And it was quick and easy to do. I know your a big raw file fan !!  lol I have yet to explore that area but when I do I am sure I will have questions for you. 

Thank you all for your answers. As for the pricing of the PL filter, it still shows $390 on the Canon site...Go figure! If you ask me, it's a rip off or an insult to Canon to their clientele.