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SX50 Shutter release button problem


I've had my SX50 since May 2013 and love it. However, this summer I noticed that the shutter release button started being less responsive, to the point that the preview function won't work much of the time. I can still take the photo, although once in a great while, it doesn't seem like the shutter wants to trip at all. If I press really hard, then it will function.


But for the most part, my issue is with the preview function. It simply won't work unless I move my finger around on the button and find the magic spot that will make it work and then of course, valuable time has been spent and a few times the photo moment was gone.


Has anyone else had issues with this? Is this a case of a good cleaning might clear this up or is it more of a repair issue, do you think?


Thanks in advance...



You definitely have a problem that requires service. You are fortunate it is stll under warranty so I would not wait. Call Canon asap to start a service request.

It could be due to a bunch of different things all of which require service.

In the meantime you could try a reset to defaults but be careful it might begin to work coincidentally and it may malfunction again after your warranty expires !

Why wait call Canon and do not take any chances. At the very least you'll have it on record with them in case it begins to work again and fails in the near future.


I have been following a similar thread with the S100 cameras not the SX50. I have an SX50 which is about 9 months old and have not had that or any problems.

Thanks, John. I'll need to look, but I thought the warranty was only for a year. If that's the case, it's out of warranty. 😞

Yes I see that now, was my mistake. Well for what its worth the people with the S100 came up with a solution, one person did in a random lucky way.

What he did and others did it too after he posted it was blow real hard into the ports on the side of the camera where the shutter switch is and his camera as well as others started working again. In the case of our SX50 it would be under that door where the HDMI plug and remote shutter switch is.

My thoughts on their problem as well as yours is that the circuit board that holds the switch that the mechanical shutter button presses moves away, to far for the button to reach it. I have seen and fixed that problem on older powershot models.

By blowing hard into that small area Im thinking it was enough pressure to move the circuit board back or back far enough.

Mabye somewhere between 10-20 PSI of air pressure. Some noticed some humidty or slight fogging after they did it but it cleared up and the shutter button continued to work after hundreds of pictures.


I'll try that! Thank you!