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SX50 HS, What are the BEST settings for shooting FULL HD?


Powershot - SX50 HS, What are the BEST settings for shooting FULL HD?


My last Canon G6 came with a manual, now this SX50 comes with a PDF file..REALLY?  How cheap can canon be?


Anyone who has used the PDF file will know just how frustrating it is for them to tell you to go back and forth on multiple pages.  In the PDF file, it tells to to shoot full HD, to click on the video icon, which i did at my family's christmas party this year, well, most of my videos came out in VERY SLOW MOTION!!!  I tho8ught it was a straigh forward option to cliclk on the video, choose the 1920.1280,0r 640, then shoot video, but no.


What i gather is to chooise the 1920 setting, and then change the wheel for any or most of the SCN, Sports, AUTO, setting ,an still record Full HD, without recording Slow motion?


In simple terms, what are the steps to shoot Full HD Video? I want to completely avoid any future slow motion recordings without sound...I can do that with my Studio Pinanncle software.  Thank you!


I have a funeral to go to tomorrow, and I'm freaking out that it will also end badly. it might even be inside a mauseleum, where it's darker than outside, and might not show up anyway with under exposed.



Here is a link for some great free tutorials on digital photogray in general AND he uses the SX50 HS to demonstrate what he is teaching. Check it out, I did and was sold. I found that here in the forum'

I've learnt many of my SX50 tricks from this chap's YouTube Tutes.


Very lucky to have had him do them.







Yes I just found him on UT...

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