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SD Cards No Longer Being Sold?


I am trying to find a new SD card for my PowerShot A520 and everywhere I go, it seems that SD cards have vanished completely from store shelves. The only thing I can find are SDHC or SDXC cards. And I just checked the SanDisk website and it appears that they are no longer even making SD cards. 


I love my A520 and have no real need to buy a more recent model at this time, but if SD cards are being gradually phased out, I suppose I won't have a choice. It's very disappointing. I'm probably behind the times, but are SD cards (and the cameras that use them) indeed being phased out? Has anyone else had similar difficulties finding SD cards at stores?



I can't say that I've looked for SD cards in many years, but it wouldn't surprise me that they'll start phasing them out (if they haven't already).  SDHC must be getting close to a decade old by now, which is quite some time for technology.  Card manufacturers aren't going to make much money off antiquated technology, not compared to what they make off the new tech anyway.


The technology that uses the cards certainly is phased out.  SD readers are backwards compatible, so I would expect any equipment I buy today to be SDXC, and thus able to take older SDHC and even SD cards.  Manufacturers usually aren't too good about keeping old tech around; obviously they want you to upgrade.  Usually it's the battery that gets you; they "upgrade" to a new battery size, stop making the old one, and eventually your battery is going to dye - forcing you to upgrade.


You should still be able to find cheap SD cards (once they get hard to find people will then charge a fortune for them if there's a need).  Amazon has some 2 gb Lexar cards for a reasonable price:

Thank you for your reply, Skirball. So SDXC cameras will at least be able to read my old SD cards? That's good news, at least. 


Do you have any recommendations for upgrading from the PowerShot A520? I'd be looking for a camera along the same lines, fairly easy to use, but with much superior zoom. I'm considering the EOS Rebel T3i - a good choice?

New camera may be able to use your SD card but if you upgrade I think you will not want to use your old SD anyway. It will be too slow and low in capcity for newer camera. So don't count it for future upgrade.

T3i is a great camera. It's a huge step up from your A520. It's like a different world.

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I had the same issue with my PowerShot A510. I got lucky and found a clearance sale at Radio Shack and was able to pick up a couple SD cards. The camera also uses MMC, which is even harder to come by. I checked on amazon and there are still a few places where you can get SD cards of 2GB capacity. Those will work in the A510/A520.


Those are certainly great cameras that are hard to beat. They seem to last forever and get great shots. Too bad the memory cards are hard to find, so if you do find them, I'd order a few.


Steve M.

Thanks smack53, I'll make some calls and hopefully I can find some still left in stock somewhere. I do hate to think of giving up my PowerShot, it has served me very well.
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