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Running audio into G7x Mark iii


Hi all, I'm a new user and trying to find a couple worthwhile ways to input audio from a laptop to the camera that will sync up. Not wanting to do in post production. 

Basically I have a zoom H6 that I will record commentary with video and want to have prerecorded music in the background.

My 3 versions so far are input laptop audio into zoom, output zoom 3.5mm to Canon 3.5mm

0r opposite. Run zoom commentary to laptop which is playing music and output both to Canon via 3.5mm.

And lastly Run Canon to laptop via HDMI and add zoom audio with laptop audio in real time on laptop software???

I'm sure there a couple ways to skin this but what's the best for quality, ease, and specifically no latency issues.

A million thanks!!




Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi funkymonk71,

There isn't a way to run an external audio channel into the PowerShot G7 X Mark II. It is only able to record or output audio recorded with the built in microphones. 

Through Canon USA support we only have information on software and products made by Canon. We do not make any accessories that would add a music audio channel to your recordings, so there aren't any specific ones we could recommend. For information on adding additional audio channels through your capture card, capture software, or editing software you would need to contact the maker of the software or accessory.

Thanks for quick reply but I am asking about the Mark iii

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