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Modern Replacement For Canon G16


I shoot 500-1000 photos a day along with 10-15 short videos (less than 5 minutes each) for a online auction business. We shoot everything from low light warehouses to heavy equipment in full sun

The Canon G16 works shoots well in low light, the flash it good when I need it, the battery lasts all day (I turn the camera off in between items) videos are great, etc

I have had 5 or 6 G16's throughout the years. I am now in need of a replacement. In the past I have been able to find G16's new but now I am only seeing used. I am reluctant to buy something used since I rely on this camera so much. Can anyone recommend a suitable modern replacement for my beloved G16?



I think the G16 was a 28-140mm equivalent, and f1.8~f2.8.  Impressive for a 12.1 MP camera from 10 yrs ago.

You never mentioned budget.  I checked Canon, B&H and BestBuy for point a shoot equivalents.  All were out of stock or backordered.  I'm sure you could find something somewhere.

Modern Replacement >>> Our expectations might differ?  

Although close, I cannot recommend a M series camera.  As this would be investing in a dead end.

What I could get behind >>> R100 - EOS R100 Body (

or R100 with 18-45mm kit $599

Why I recommend it.  It exceeds the performance characteristics of your 10 yr old camera.  Its affordable, expandable (if you ever wanted to) buy another lens, and is future proof.  

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Thank you for your reply and suggestion. I'll take a look at the R100 with the lens you suggested 


If you wanted to remain in the PowerShot line of cameras, then I recommend the G7X Mark II or Mark III.  I typically shop at B&H or the Canon Online Refurbished Store.

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