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Radio flash trigger on a G12


I have a 5Dmkii and use it regularly with my Elinchrom studio flashes equipped with a radio trigger. I just had occasion to use my G12 on a shoot and tried it with the radio trigger for the flash heads.  It wouldn't fire. I ended up having to go with a longer expoisure so I could fire my trigger by hand and still catch the frame during exposure.  Luckily it worked as the ambient light worked into my plan.


My question is how can I get my G12 to fire a radio trigger?  Canon should really come out with a firmware update to allow for this flaw in their program.


The G12 is a great camera and actually useful by pros as long as a little functionality could be modified.



That's really odd. I would have thought like you that all Canon hotshoes activate triggers the same, only difference being sync speed. Very curious to see the cause for this issue since I do use a backup camera that is not a DSLR.

The camera will sync perfectly with any of my EX series flashes but does not recognize a radio unit.  It sees there is something in the hotshoe because it will not use internal flash, but will not allow you to force flash in any mode with radio unit mounted.


There has to be the ability to fix this with a firmware update.


Hello Canon, are you listening?




I am sorry to hear that you weren't able to fire off a radio trigger with your PowerShot G12.

The hot shoe on this camera was tested with Canon EX Series Speedlites only.  We do not test third party radio triggers.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you at this time.  Since these are in fact third party units, we cannot attest to their compatibility or guarantee results when used with this camera. 


Since you also mention in another post that the Speedlite EX Series are indeed working as they should, I can only assume that the camera is working properly. 

I thank you for your notes on additional firmware.  I will pass this along to the appropriate party.

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Hi, here something I find and work for me too. I have a simple and cheap phottix trigger
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