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RC-250 Still Video Camera - No Playback


I recently picked up a pair of Canon RC-250 Xapshot still video cameras (which I know are analog and not digital).

When I connect the video out to an NTSC monitor and try to view the stills, the camera is outputting a video signal but the image is lines and snow.  This happens with stills taken and played back with either camera.

I expect at this point that there are some capacitors in the capture circuit, playback circuit, or both which have gone bad and would need to be replaced.

I was wondering whether anyone had any experience with this unit and would have a lead on a service manual.  Canon's support site doesn't recognize the product name or model number so I can't open a ticket there.  Google points me to a third-party site in France but I'm hesitant to shell out €80 without being confident in what I'd be paying for.






I am not familiar with the camera.  But the monitor looks familiar.  It looks like a Commodore 1084 RGB monitor, commonly used with the Commodore 64 Home Computer.  

Look at the switch on the far right.   If your camera is only putting out composite video, then it will not be compatible with this display when it is switched to RGB mode.  You also need to make sure that you are connecting to the proper input jack.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I am very familiar with the C=1084 monitor and use it exclusively for NTSC video as I do digital transfers from VHS, U-Matic, LaserDisc, etc.

I’m using the composite video jack and the input switch is set appropriately.


Try a different monitor with the camera.  

Try a different composite video source with the monitor, too.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

Okay, I've tried a different monitor and two alternate composite video sources against the monitor, one of which is an NTSC signal generator.  The monitors are fine.

I've also tried both the native AV-C25 attached to the BA-24P to obtain the NTSC out and also bypassing the adaptors and taking the output of the 2.5mm TR jack directly into the monitors.

In all cases I get the same output from the RC-250 when a disk is inserted.