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Powershot elph 180 shooting modes


Hello, I recently got the elph 180 and I'm trying to switch between the different shooting modes but for some reason it only lets me switch between auto and super vivid regardless of how many times I click, I'm new to digital cameras and I'm extremely confused, I've already tried resetting the camera settings but that's not working either if anyone knows how to fix it please let me know, thank you in advance.


Product Expert
Product Expert

Hello camilarz,

Once you have the camera set to the Super Vivid mode, press the FUNC./SET button. This will bring up a panel of settings down the left side of the LCD screen. Scroll through these things until you get on Super Vivid. Press the right arrow to move over to the inside panel. This will display all of the other shooting modes that are available on the camera. Scroll up or down to select the mode of your choice. Hit the SET button once the mode you want is highlighted.