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Powershot SX500 IS - Help with filters!!




I just purchased a lightly used Powershot SX500 IS with the intention of putting a variety of filters on it. I've done my research, so I know there are adapters out there that are intened to modify the camera to facilitate filters.

After further review, however, I'm a bit concerned. I was hoping to get advice from someone who actually KNOWS what they are talking about (ie. is not trying to sell me a product), is familiar with this same model of camera, and who has used adapters that are not threaded before. Please read what I have to say carefully and don't post if you honestly don't know - I'm getting way too many mixed messages already. This is important to me because I want a filter set for this specific camera, but I do not want to invest the money if I'm being duped by clever marketing.

To my knowledge, there is no filter threading on the SX500 by design. People go back and forth about this, but I can't find an official thread size anywhere online from Canon. I'm presuming that confirms there ARE NO threads. However, there are still adapters for this model that, according to "people online," act much like the lens cap would - it snaps into the grooves around the lens that are designed for the lens cap. That being said, here are my questions and concerns:


-Will using such an adapter damage my camera, even if I use a 2x telephoto lens with it?

(From what I've seen, if I keep it in manual focus it should be fine; the extra weight and added lens confuses the auto-focus, so the only problem I forsee is out-of-focus images.)

-Will the camera be able to completely retract to the lowest focus setting with the adapter installed?

-How well does the adapter stay in place?

(Some of the concerns from people online is that the adapter can unscrew or come loose? Others say that it's too tight and has damaged their camera... I don't mind it being relatively permanent, so if it snaps in tight - that's fine. I'm going to leave it there anyway. I just don't want it to fall off)

-If the adapter is too loose, is there a way to permanently afix it without ruining the lens?

(Some have suggested super gluing the adapter in place. This seems like a really risky move since it's right next to the lens. Has anyone done this before?)

-Do the adapters cause vignetting? 

-Can anyone recommend an adapter that actually works without damaging my camera?




-If I purchase DSLR filters and lenses (for example, macros or telephotos), will they work as intended or is this camera just not designed to use those accessories?

I know this is a long post, but please take the time to read it and answer each question honestly (if you can). Your input may save me money and is truly appreciated.




What you really wanted was a DSLR with interchangable lenses, not a point and shoot camera with a fixed lens.  Without knowing which specific adapter you are talking about there are no speciffic answers to your questions....except for one.  Adapters are not good. 


Adapters are a patch, a work around, a crutch designed to be used in a temporary fashion. 


"-If I purchase DSLR filters and lenses (for example, macros or telephotos), will they work as intended or is this camera just not designed to use those accessories?"


Again, the choice of filter is highly dependent upon your adapter.  The camera was not designed for those accessories.  The camera was designed for simple operation, point and shoot.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I'm pretty sure what I wanted was a more simple camera that doesn't cost an arm and a leg while maintaining some standard of image quality. I should have shelled out the fifty extra bucks for the SX50 HS model (which is a BRIDGE CAMERA, not a P&S - which I interpret to be digital compact cameras) because it has threading for filters. I'd rather not have to spend half a grand on a body just to spend another half a grand on a lens... The bridge cameras make it easy for people to learn all of this stuff and get acceptable images without having to pay for those expensive lenses. I hate photographic puritans who try to tell me "there is no other acceptable way to take good images than purchasing expensive equipment." It's bollocks. Educate yourself -

This guy takes identical photos using both a dslr and a bridge camera because both allow you to control the camera.

Point taken about the adapters though, thanks for the input. The ones that are designed for  the SX500 IS do seem shady at best. I will say that it is OBVIOUS that you don't know what you are talking about, however, since there really is only ONE type of adapter for my camera. This is why I put up flashy lights saying "please don't post just for the sake of posting." I have to disregard your advise because it seems like you're trying to criticize and sell me a DSLR rather than giving constructive input.

Regardless, I feel like your statement about it being sketchy is not the end-all solution here. Photographers often use filters by putting them in front of the camera lens without mounting them in any fashion. There has to be some solution to my problem - I want to use filters and get into different types of photography without having to go broke. 

What type of filters? Macro style are not as good as a macro lens & many P & S cameras do macro as sold. Creative filters were more for film than digital & can be replicated by Photoshop like programs. 2 X adaptors will work but even expensive DSLR types distort or soften images.

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

Read the post! I know what types of filters I want/need... but I need a filter adapter (ie. the camera does not come with threads, so you need to add an adapter so that there are threads for filters and lenses to screw onto). 

I want a CPL, a set of ND filters, a graduated ND filter, a macro LENS adapter (yes, I know this camera is good at macro on its own but I want to go deeper. Something like the Raynox dcr-250 will allow me to take pictures of fine details on insects -useful for identifications-), a 2.2x telephoto lens, and a flourescent filter. The raw basics of a professional lens/filter set lol. I don't need colored filters or a uv filter or any nonsense like that. 

I've already found a set that has everything I need and it says it has an adapter. I'm just checking with you all to see if the filter adapters for this camera actually work as intended...

How did you make out with your filters, my sx500 came with a few but I have not used them, I have only used the UV one.