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Powershot S-95 housing question


HI.  I have a Canon Power Shot S-95 and want to get the WP-DC 38 housing for shooting underwater. Has anyone out there used this housing?  I have and don't like the Ikelite housing, and am hoping that original Canon components, like this housing, is actually better. Any and all responses are appreciated.  Second: I'm looking at getting an INON strobe and Evolva lights, but can't determine whether they arer compatible with the Canon housing. I assume that the mounting for strobes and lights are universal, but would appreciate any information about this too.  Tx! 



I don't have that housing but have the one for my G 9 & before that the S1 IS. I fire dual Sea & Sea stobes using fiber optic cables. What don't you like about the Ikelite & do you know if you can fire the Inon strobe via a fiber optic cable? You will not have an option to hard connect to the camera in the Canon housing. As for mounting strobes it's done by screwing a base plate (type of thing) to the tripod socket on the bottom of the housing. This is what my rig looks like but I made the black adapter you see covering the front half of the housing. It allows me a better way to attach the fiber optic cables right in front of the camera's flash. Note that the arms have a ball & socket arrangement half way out allowing just about any angle you want to place the strobe at. The inner & outer end are just a hinge. 







"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."

Thanks for your quick response.  I don't like the Ikelite housing because its controls don't allow for fluid use of the camera's various functions.  I was advised to replace it with the Canon housing and to expect significantly superior performance.  I hope that's true!  I'm not sure about the hard wiring that you mentioned, which is why I'm asking these questions here.  

Some Ikelite housings have sealed connector terminals so that you can control a flash from the camera. The Canon housing do not allow that from everythink I've read about them, which helps keep their prices down. If you have the model number for the flash & light you're thinking about buying I can research how they need to be triggered & how they vary their light output (if needed). .

"A skill is developed through constant practice with a passion to improve, not bought."