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Powershot ELPH 360 HS - No software for MacOS Catalina 10.15 - now what???


Just got back from vacation and was excited to upload my pics wirelessly as my Mac doesn't have a USB port.  There is no driver software for MacOS Catalina so I'm not sure what to do. 

Here is what I have done: 

1.  I downloaded the Mojave 10.14.  The icon on is on my desktop, but won't open.  (I guess it's not close enough to whatever 10.15 needs?)

2.  My camera is connected to my wireless internet, as is my laptop.  (Both on the same network.) but the camera cannot find my laptop.  

Am I going to have to drive to Best Buy and buy a USBC cord with an HDMI end to download these with a cord?  I was SO HOPEFUL for this wireless feature.  

Super bummed, looking for advice. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.  





You don't want HDMI, you want USB-A. That is probably the best solution. You can then run Image Capture on the Mac to download the images.

Image Capture doesn't see my camera, despite it being hooked up.  Any tricks? 


Thanks for the response; I won't lie, I'm pretty disappointed.  

I haven't ever used Image Capture (this is the first time I've used a camera in seven years - and now I sad I did.) but I'll try to figure it out. 


In your first post, you mention your Mac doesn't have a USB port though.  What year and model Mac do you have?  Every Mac from the past 10 years at least should have USB ports of some kind.

Some Macs will also have SD card readers.  If that's the case, you can insert your camera's SD card in the Mac to make importing a bit easier.


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He means he does not have a USB-A port. I guess. USB-C doesn't count! 8^)

Definitely doesn't count!  Lol.  

It has USB-C ports, but I was hoping to not have to get a USB-C to USB-A adapter to connect my camera to my laptop because the I just wanted to do it wirelessly, which is why I bought the camera.  The camera didn't even come with a cord, so into the junk drawer of wires I go!  (But whatever one I find, I'll still need the adapter.)


Ok, found a cord and and an adapter, but my laptop is not "seeing" the camera.  

I am using a USB-B to plug into the camera, and have a USB-A to USB-C adapter to connect the cord to my Mac.  Image Capture doesn't have my camera listed - what am I missing? I have never done this before - usually I just plugged things in and viola.  


As I said in the other thread, are you sure it is a std usb cable and not a charging cable? Did you turn off wifi on the camera.

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