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Powershot D10 screw size ?


What is the exact size of main screws in Powershot D10 camera body?

Screws look like hex socket. Standard hex keys did not fit. 

Can anyone tell me the size, type or part number of these screws please?



I don't know, but maybe its a Torx head; they look similar to hex head by eye.

John Hoffman
Conway, NH

1D X Mark III, M200, Many lenses, Pixma PRO-100, Pixma TR8620a, Lr Classic


Yes they are either Torx screws M2.0 or Hex M1.4 or M1.7 that hold the main covers on


[Removed photo due to content containing proprietary information.]

Thank you both for helping me narrow down the possible sizes/type. I found Torx images elsewhere, then with a close look at the D10 I could confirm its screws are not Torx. I will look for hex tools in the range you suggested.

They removed the picture I inserted from the service manual it shows some torx screws also in addition to the hex so I don't know. If I were you I'd have a cheap torx set handy too.

Thank you John_, Good advice to get a set of tools. I guess there may be various types/sizes in other parts of the camera that are not visible from the outside. I'm pretty sure now (having read more, looked at more pics) that the screws in the outside of the cover have very small hex sockets. After I get the tools I will report back what size fits.

Would your service manual have information about how the powershot D10 power button works? Maybe I need to ask about this in a new question?

Many thanks for your help.


iFixit has drivers for the plethora of wierd screws that are intent of keeping us out of our electronics.


Hex 1.5 mm fits the screws. Hex 2 mm is clearly too big. Unable to find a size between 1.5 and 2 mm.


With Hex 1.5 mm some of the screws could be removed easily.


A couple of screws are holding very tight. The 1.5 mm wrench does not grip perfectly. The socket of the 'stuck' screws will probably be damaged if I apply more pressure.


The ideal wrench might be hex 1.6 or 1.7 mm  but... I did not find those sizes anywhere (including ifixit). Any ideas please?

No I was confused  the torx screws are under the front cover as well as 1 under the lens. They are called "leak" screws they have a broader head. The rest are hex screws

The power switch is located under the button on what is called the "operation FPC". FPC is flexible printed circuit board. They wont let me post pictures but if you do search for your model number repair manual I saw it available for $9.95.from a safe site. 

I will try and put some pictures of the screws. The way they show them is confusing as to what sizes some are. Home Depot has a small pocket screwdriver set in Hex and Torx made by Husky I believe and also a Phillips and flat blade set. Sometimes the right size small flathead screwdriver can be used in place of a hex or torx bit.