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PowerShot SX730 HS Audio Problem - Creeking Noise


Whenever my camera is moved it makes a noise that I can hear if I put my ear close to the camera.  The internal mic is also picking it up making the audio in the videos unpleasant.


The camera started occasionally doing this about 8 months but now it's everytime it moves.


See on the noise it makes each time I move the camera.


The noise is also made whenever the focus is changed.  Also, when I put my hand over the lens so you can't see anything and move the camera I notice that the noise is lower in pitch and slightly slower.  When I remove my hand the noise is higher as seen in the video. This is leading me believe that it is something in the focus that is making the sound.


Has anyone seen this issue?





Had to watch the video twice until I was sure I heard the noise.  It doesn't sound like "creaking" to me.  What I heard sounded like a electronic oscillation


Does this camera have IS?  Can it be disabled for testing? 


Are you shooting in auto or manual mode.  If auto what happens of you shoot manual?

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About 1 1/2 seconds after I move the camera is when you can hear the sound.  The first time is from 7 – 10 seconds, the second time is from 14 - 17 seconds, the third time is from 20 – 21 seconds, the forth is from 24 - 25 seconds and the fifth from 29 – 31 seconds.


I don't know how to explain the sound.  It's kind of like a muffled door creek or a woodpecker pecking on a tree.


It does have IS and tried to disable it but the sound was still there. When I switched it to manual focus the noise went away.

Is my camera a broken or is this how the camera is supposed to be?

Hello, torabuilt!


If this is something that is causing you concern, we recommend reaching out to support. They can help you determine whether this is normal, or whether your camera is in need of being evaluated by our Factory Service Center.


Our US-based support team can be reached weekdays from 9am to 9pm (ET) at 1-800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666).


If you're outside of the USA, you'll want to reach out to Canon in your county/region for support options by clicking HERE