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PowerShot SX620 HS and Camera Connect Issue




i have an PowerShot SX620 HS with i want to connect with Camera Connect on Android 12 (Google Pixel).


When i set up a new connection (Wifi) it works fine. But when i then disconnect and try to connect again, it fails.


The Wifi connection seems good, but Camera/Smartphone won't recognize the other device.


When I delete the connection and set it up new, it works fine again.


Anyone have a clue what might cause the problem?



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


Often this can be caused by the smartphone or tablet deprioritizing the camera's WiFi connection, since the camera's WiFi network doesn't have access to internet other devices will tend to switch to another internet-connected network assuming you want the most capable network over a specific connection. Creating a new connection is one way to bypass this but you may also look into your phone's WiFi settings to see if you can prioritize the camera connection as well.

Hi Mark,


thanks for your reply.

The WIFI connection is not the problem, i was aware of that issue.


When i initialize a new connection i have to confirm smartphone access by click "yes" on the camera.

But when I try to reconnect, the WIFI connection is established, but it just stops there.