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PowerShot G7 X videos look "raw" after importing to Mac


Hi all, this has been bugging me for days. 

I have preset some picture style and white balance for video shooting. However, when I am importing the videos into my Mac, the videos that got imported look "raw" (anyone get what I am trying to say here?). 

I am hoping someone can help with how to import videos with all the setting I have on the camera into phone and MacBook. 



Did you find the solution?

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Sadly not yet



I know its tempting to modify existing Picture Styles and White balance etc., but you need to understand what doing this does on the images or video coming out of the camera.  What you see on the camera is going to differ from what you might see on your computer, TV or display.  This is because these devices can use different color profiles and gamma curves, affecting how color is interpreted and rendered.  What you see on your camera is probably not what you are expecting when you view the images or video footage on your computer, etc.  Is your monitor calibrated to match (example) the color profile the camera is using?  If not, what you set or see on the camera is not going to look the same.  There are color and tone differences.  If may even look a little "flatter" from a saturation perspective.  It starts with understanding color profiles, palettes and how these are captured on your camera, then interpreted and displayed on your computer, iPAD, mobile device, etc.  It is not uncommon to have to tweak color, tone if the shooting conditions were less than optimal.  Unless you are shooting in a studio, you often have to accept what the camera can capture, then adjust to your liking or correct something you don't care for.  

Again however, what you export and playback can look different depending on the display.  Example, your TV will look different than your MAC, which will look different that your iPhone, etc.  Each device "sees' color space differently.  

Maybe we can help make additional suggestions if we knew what modes you were shooting in, indoors, outdoors, lighting conditions, etc.  There is not a do this 1 thing and it will be fixed solution.  This is not your camera's fault, its how color space works.    

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What codec are you using for capturing video? I'm assuming it's some MPEG-4 variant, 8-bit 4:2:0, and Rec709 color space.  Is that correct?

What video editor are you using on your Mac?


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