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PowerShot G16 checking for malware


bit of a weird question -- i recently bought a canon g16 used online and it ended up seeming like a bit of a scam, but I got the camera and everything's working fine. is it possible for someone to have put malware on the camera to get my info when i plug an sd card into computer??? is there a way to run diagnostic on the camera to see?? i reset the settings, but am just paranoid about using it now. 



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I would only buy from Canon (new or refurbished) or from an authorized dealer.  Not because I'm worried about identity theft or some sort of camera hack, but because you just don't know what you're getting when you buy from a unknown party.  Sellers on Amazon, FB Marketplace, etc.  This all adds up getting counterfeit or improperly refurbished gear, grey market, or someone else's problem becoming yours.

There is nothing you can do as an end user to diagnose the camera beyond, does it turn on and appear to function.  Buying a camera should be a happy day, not one that gives you anxiety.

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How do you suppose "someone" could get your "info" off the camera?

The info is only photo image files. The camera is not connected to the internet. While a digital camera is a photographic computer, it does not have diagnostic or antimalware functions like an actual computer does.

BTW, who did you buy it from that has you so concerned?

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