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PowerShot A1400 battery door replacement


I have this A1400 and I really like the camera. I purchased it used and have discovered that the batery door is faulty and needs to be repalced. It is staying closed for now but may not continue to stay closed for mush longer. I have located a replacement door but need information on removing the old door and installing the new piece.



Thanks for the offer.  I just ordered a door.  If it doesn't come I'll get back in touch.  I thought I was replying to the person in this thread, iffy, who stated he was able to replace the door on the camera.  I was hoping for some tips.

Do you remember how you removed the battery door?  I realize it was about 5yrs ago.  Thanks

My apologies for the really late reply.

I do not recall getting a notification that you had posted a response.

The door that I found was on ebay.

The camera died before I could get the door replaced.

I sent the camera into Conon and got a replacement at a really reasonable cost. ($51.94us)

If you are still in need, I will let you know if it is still available.

I offerred it to another chap just a short while ago before I saw your post.




part # is dh5181

Is the clip broken on the door or on the camera. My clip is broken on the camera. The clip on the door is OK.