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PowerShot A1200: False? Lens Error

My grandmother has a PowerShot A1200. It was working fine but now it is giving a "Lens Error" when you try to turn it on.
It will open to the splashscreen and then blink the little green light, like its busy, and then after like 10 seconds or so it will show a "Lens Error".
I can turn it on to the image playback/viewer but I can't get the lens to open, to take photos.
Also when I try turning it on I can hear a faint ticking sound, like a clock. I'm not sure if that's the motor(s) trying to open the lens or what.
I tried taking the batteries out and even replacing them with new ones but still it won't turn on.
Not sure what the problem is as usually when I turn one on with the lens blocked it will try a half second or so and then immediately turn off, it doesn't sit there and blink and take a long time to give a "Lens Error".
Thanks in advance for any help,


Generally this is caused when the lens can't extend. It has to be repaired or replaced. Wy wife had the same thing happen to her S-100.

I understand that, it's just that it takes so long to give the lens error that I'm wondering if it has software issues.

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