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Power Shot SX 530 HS sound


Had a little camera and took decent vid and very good sound even at loud rock concerts. Upgraded to a power shot sx 530 hs and so impressed at how great the video is and the zoom capabilities but the sound is atrocious. So even if I am a good 20 yards from a speaker, I am not obstrucitng the mic and it is not windy the sound is sooo bad, and like I said I have precedence with the same variables and a lesser camera coming out fine. So what can I try to make it better even if not perfect? I see no type of setting on the camera at all. I dont think I can connect a mic. I guess worst case scenario is buy a whole second aparatus to record sound and sync in my post production. Looking for any suugestion along all those (and any other) lines



You found the videos? I can't find mine!