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No response from Win10 when Canon PowerShot SX260 HS connected


Windows 10 Creators Update - Dell XPS-13 ultraportable


In Windows 7 the following window pops up over the tray when my Canon PowerShot SX260 HS is connected via USB.
"Import Pictures and Videos"


Canon 'Import Pictures and Videos' pop-up window.jpg

On my new computer it does not do this. How can I get the Canon software to work in Windows 10.


The following two posts on the Canon forum detail the same problem, no one could help them.

"Import pictures from, Power Shot SD630 ,to Laptop"
"Why did the little camera icon stop showing up in my system tray?"



I found this link from Canon's worth a try:


what-to-do-when-windows-10-does not recognize your camera

Diverhank's photos on Flickr

I follwed every item on  what-to-do-when-windows-10-does not recognize your camera

which contains such ridiculous suggestions as "Use a USB cable to connect the camera and the computer" and "Try connecting the camera to a different USB terminal".


I downloaded the correct software for my camera and reinstalled it. I notice that the driver date is 2006. Huh? Final conclusion: The ancient Canon software does NOT work with Windows 10 Creators Update.


I am posting this followup to present my workaround for for Win10:

  1) Install the proper software for your camera. For me it was 0008-64bit_Win7_Win8_Win8.1_Win10_R281.exe

  2) The name of the program is CameraWindow but ignore it. It is outdated by 10 years.

  3) Connect camera (nothing happens)

  4) Go to File Explorer>Computer. Oddly you will see something like "Powershot SX260 HS..." as though it is another drive but it isn't

  5) Right click on this and make a shortcut on your desktop

  6) Now when you connect your camera you can right click on the shortcut and click on "Import Pictures and Videos" and that nice little import window will appear in the middle of your screen. That's not where it usta be but it is only one little operation more to import your pics properly.

It might make difference if your tablet is in desktop mode or tablet mode.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

I have a brand new Dell XPS-13. One of the first things I did 3 weeks ago was to set it in desktop mode.
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