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Memory card error canon power shot sx240 HS


My canon power shot sx240 hs is not working right. It has a memory card in *attached* however it says memory card error and doesn’t work *also attached* any help would be appreciated 






First thing is, DON'T use Micro SD cards. They are not usable in many cameras.  You don't show an adapter. Presumably you put the micro card in one to put it in the camera, right?    Only use full-size SD cards.

After you get an SD card, no larger than 16 GB, (not Micro) put it in, format in the camera, and see what happens.



Please stick to full size memory cards as normadel recommends.


Sizes 8-32 GB.



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To add to normadel's advice above . . .

Your problem will very likely disappear if you instead use a FULL SIZE SDHC memory card. Try to keep it 32gb or smaller. Do you have a full size SD card you can experiment with? If so, be sure to copy any irreplaceable data that may be on it to your desktop or laptop. After putting it in your camera be sure to do a low-level format of the card in the camera. THIS WILL ERASE ANY DATA ON THE CARD if it was a used card. An unused brand new card should also be formatted in the camera as well.

If you end up buying a new card, try to buy one from a camera shop or trusted local electronics store. It can be risky buying from many Amazon or Ebay vendors. There's too many dealers selling cheap third party or counterfeit brand name cards. As discovered by forum member Ray-uk . . .

Your sx240hs (as compared to a higher end DSLR or MILC camera) may not be too fussy about having an expensive brand-name card, but who knows. Though you should definitely avoid using a micro SD card with an adapter in it. Having an extra set of very tiny electrical contacts added to the circuitry between the camera and the memory card is just adding another potential failure point.

Please let us know if this puts your camera back in working order. 😊

Hi I tried with a full sized SD card *attached* but it is still saying memory card error. I formatted the card and still says the same thing. Would it be best to try a brand new SD card or would this make no difference? Thanks 


Hey there!

I'm not a tech, but I want to offer some advice if I might. 

If you open the card slot, and shine a light down in there, do you see any debris? You should see several copper pins sticking out of one side, and that's all that should be inside the card slot.


I cannot see any debris, just the pins as you say

That's good. If I were you, I'd try to format the card (if the camera can access it at all), or get a new one. 

It's always easier to use a full-sized card for ease of use and fewer points of failure. However, those guys are hard to find these days. Personally, I've used good name-brand micro cards in their own dedicated adapters (Samsung, SanDisk, and I've read really good things about Amazon Basics recently; however, you need to do your own research). If you always keep the cards in the adapters, you shouldn't have trouble, but your mileage might vary. 

I hope this helps, but as always, if you have questions, let us know here, or feel free to reach out to support at 800-OK-CANON (800-652-2666) during the week, excluding holidays!

@Annawills700 wrote:

Hi I tried with a full sized SD card *attached* but it is still saying memory card error. I formatted the card and still says the same thing. Would it be best to try a brand new SD card or would this make no difference? Thanks 


I suggest that you purchase a new, major brand name, memory card.  Judging from the packaging and markings, that card is possibly another micro-SD card.  There is room inside the case to hold one.  And, that card is probably over ten years old.

I recommend Lexar or SanDisk.  Do not purchase memory cards from the Amazon Marketplace due to the widespread issue of counterfeit of failing merchandise.

I recommend purchasing all memory cards, batteries, and any other electronic gear from a reputable camera dealer, preferably a Canon Factory Authorized Dealer.  I buy all my online memory cards purchases from BHphotovideo in New York City.

Follow the advice given by the other forum members.  Stick to a SDHC memory card, 32GB or smaller, and format the memory card  in the camera prior to first use.

Good Luck!

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Agree 100%. If you're buying on Amazon, ONLY buy cards that are shipped and sold by; otherwise, you can get into big trouble.