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Low Contrast Issue




I currently own a Canon T2i DSLR, and just purchased a Powershot SX280.  I noticed in two of my recent outdoor pictures with the new Powershot SX280, I got low contrast shots in auto mode.   Basically, the pictures have a hazy, grey look to them.  On one of my shots, I re-took it 3 times (pool area shot), and still the low contrast, since it was obvious on the image display on the camera.  The 2nd shot, I didn't notice it, till I downloaded on my computer.  In both cases, I had no intention of shooting a low contrast picture.  One of pictures (pool shot) was sent to the virtual trash can, since I re-took it with the T2i without the low contrast issue, the other picture (ping pong) I repaired in Adobe photoshot by adjusting the contrast.  This was very mysterious to me, since I've only experienced this with my T2i, when I get some bright sunlight coming into the lens.  


In both shots with the Powershot SX280, I didn't spend any time to see what "mode" it detected for the shot, and just took a quick point and shoot to capture the moment.  Anyone have any idea what might have happenned.  Here is a description of the photos:


1. Two children in the pool with a light color deck with plenty of sunlight reflecting off of the deck and water.  Some water movement in background.

2. Two children playing ping pong in a shaded porch area with a window behind them that had little sunlight reflection on it.


In both cases the children are in focus, so I've got the focus correct, but I think somehow some other factors threw off the camera and led to the low contrast.  The ping pong shot would probably have been better suited by speeding up the shutter speed to catch the ball without a blurr, but the shutter speed was fast enough that the kids were not blurry even with their hand/body movement.


Any hints?





If you could post up pics, that can help with a diagnosis.