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I bought the Canon Powershot SX150 and am returning it. What camera should I get?


Let me just say, I have a Nikon D80 so I'm not exactly going for ultra quality here. Just something easy to use, convenient, etc etc. Bought the Powershot SX150 and am pretty disappointed with the graininess in some of the photos. I'm now looking at the Sony Cybershot series... They seem to have good reviews and the sample shots on are incredible.

Does anyone have a recent Sony Cybershot, and what do you think of it? Can anyone else recommend a point and shoot for around $250?




We are all pretty much Canon users here.  If you want Sony specific recommendations, their forums might be a better option.  


It's not that we don't want to offer suggestions, but I don't think many of us here have point and shoot Sony cameras.  Did you give your SX150 a chance?  Its not enough telling us you took some pictures and were not happy with the results.  I take pictures every week and some days I like what I got better than others.  However, I still prefer Canon.  


Regardless of brand or manufacturer, you are going to get what you pay for.  At $250 a basic snapshot type of camera.  Shooting conditions can vary so any camera can "have a bad day".  Learning how to use your camera effectively also helps.  This takes practice.  So buying a Sony might not give you stellar results.  But there is no reason not to try and see which woks best for you.


For $250...  you can do a lot better than a SX150.  Canon has other models in this price range that perform much better.

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