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Help, My Camera buttons does not work



Hi, I dropped my Canon sx50 and the buttons (record video, delete, Disp, Menu, Func Set, Iso and the scroll wheel) stopped working, I hope someone could help me. Thanks.




Unfortunately by dropping the camera you may have knocked a connection loose inside the body. You would have to take it apart to inspect that area where those controls are to start and if you are lucky you will find and fix the connection. Of course, by dropping the camera there are other problems you could have caused. In any case, unless you get lucky it will require you or someone to take it apart. Tapping it lightly against your palm might cause it to start working again but then the permanent fix would still require you to take it apart, find the connector in that area of controls and fix it.

Thank you John for your quick answer, I found the problem, I disassemble the camera and this piece (the little lock of the ribbon cable) is loose from the main board, can be welded again? or I need a new board?


You're welcome! It is hard to tell from the pictures exactly how it broke or if that can be repaired, resoldered or perhaps use a quick setting epoxy? At this point, you have nothing to lose and more to gain. If the repair fails then you will need to replace the board. Resoldering it in place, if possible, would be worth a shot. If it is just the plastic piece that holds the cable then maybe a quick setting epoxy would work if you can hold it in place while it dries with a clothespin or something. You have demonstrated you have the courage and skill to give it a try, I would!