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ELPH 310 HS - Spots on lens showing up on pictures?


Hi - I've noticed that if I take a picture with a lighter solid background, I see these grey-ish spots on the final image.


I've cleaned the outermost lens (inside/outside) ... but with that piece off, I can still see the 'spots' in the viewfinder - so the issue must be at a different spot.  They are less prevelent when zoomed out ... but get more obvious when zoomed in.


I've attached images of what this is like - has anyone encountered this or know of a DIY way to clean the part that is creating these spots?


Thanks for the help!


Image 1 - The part I removed ... spots still in viewfinder without this piece

Image 2 - example of photo taken (zoomed in) that has the spots

Image 3 - with the part I removed off, I zoomed in on a white piece of paper - to show the spots more easily




real photo.JPG


removed - zoomed.jpg


Rising Star

Looks like dust on one of the inner lenses or on the sensor, looks like this will have to go in for service as stripping the lens assembley down is not an easy task.




Hi btappan!


Thank you for posting.


I am inclined to agree with Davy on this one.  These spots look like they are caused by dust or debris on the inside of the camera, possibly on the image sensor.  The camera will need to be cleaned by our Factory Service Center.  To start this process, you'll need to complete a Repair Request on our website.



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I know this thread is a little old, but I just had this happen to me as well, and I got lucky with a last-resort solution that SOLVED the issue. It's basically vacuuming it out as described many times on the internet. I've provided one of the links here...

I'd guess the Canon techs would shudder at this, but if you've already decided to just get a new camera, it's worth a try.

OMG you saved the day!  Your vacuum cleaner trick absolutely saved my Elph 310 HS.   I had nothing to lose since the spots were so bad.  Now they're gone at even the tightest zoom.  Thank you thank you thank you!

Dear kupe,


No problem!  Glad I could help pass on this neat little "fix" by someone else who took the risk to figure it out. Feels great, doesn't it Smiley Very Happy !!!

IMG_2093.JPGIMG_2093.JPGElph-170- I purchased around mid-2017 which makes the camera about 3 years. The camera performed flawlessly up until the present dilemma. I have over 128 gigs of perfect photos. It was my impression Canon cameras lasted longer then 3 years. Now the lens protection shutters are broken except one side. I've applied the vacuum approach as a really great idea for this issue- several times and no luck. See my album for references. The same black spots- frame- right. I'm about ready to throw the camera away since the spots pretty much make the camera useless without clever framing disguises to mask the black spots. Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.