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Digital Interface Cable PowerShot A95 fit PowerShot SX130IS?


I've inherited my son's 10 year old PowerShot A95 and 5 year old PowerShot SX130IS cameras.

The Digital Interface cable in the SX130 box doesn't fit the digital port on the camera - I'm thinking it's the cable for the older A95 camera and that it got mixed up. I suspect there was a minor change to the mini-USB end of the cable on end as they both claim the Part # for the digital cable is IFC-4000.  

The SX130IS USB port connector is just slightly larger than the mini-USB cable port shield - which means a new mini-USB cable today would fit both cameras but the older digital cable only fits the A95 camera.


Does anyone know for sure?  

Unfortunately, I am unable to find the older A95 camera box - I had wanted to get it fixed 5 years ago when we got him the new camera but time got away from - and now, the camera & box has also disappeared.