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Canon Powershot SX510hs Noise Issues


Hi everybody. New to the forums. Bought a Powershot SX510hs in July of 2014. I mainly use it for action shots and videos for short films or my brother playing golf. For a while the pictures and videos came out amazing with bright colors and good clear picture. Now only 3-4 months later the cameras 1080p video is plauged by excessive noise at only 80 iso. The same is with pictures on a lesser extent. Hopefully Comebody knows whats wrong. And the camera has been kept in good shape and has never been dropped or banged around for that matter.


KyleSmiley Very Happy





Is there any possibility that you changed some settings in the camera? You may want to go into the menu and do a reset all to the camera defaults to see if that helps any. Is the lens dirty? Believe it or not, I kept getting my finger in the way of the focus assist beam and had a similar experience with low light situations where the camera needed the focus assist beam and gave me grainy photos. What mode are you shooting in? Do you have a fast enough shutter speed to compensate for hand shake, and are you using a wide or narrow aperture? Any information you can furnish will help the community to come up with a solution for you.


Steve M.

I usually use Manual mode. F3.4 shutter speed 0"8. If not using that I'm using Movie Digest. Shutter speed i usually adjust when needed. Videos are the worst though the noise is unbearable. Reset didn't do much if anything at all. Second time I've done it. Cleaned the lens too and nothing changed.

Let the Camera sit for a while. Did another reset. Cleaned off the lense. Went in to Movie Digest and attempted to take good video and came out with lots of noise. No clue what else to do honestly. Anybody else have this problem.

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