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Canon Powershot SD970 IS - Lens cover probblems when warm


A great little camera, but over the last few years it has had one problem - the lens does not always open fully when warm.  Let me explain ...


When I travel for vacation, I always cup the camera in my hand so that I am ready to take a picture at a moments notice.  Dependent upon where I am, I could take 50 - 60 pictures in a day, or less.  If it very hot and/or humid outside, the camera len cover tends to only partially open after a period of time. 


I've been able to reduce this problem by cupping the camera with the closed lens cover facing out.  If I hold camera with the lens cover facing into my hand, it starts acting up very fast.


When it is not opening, a gentle tap on the camera body will usually cause it to open fully.


But even then, looking through the display, the view, at times, will be all clouded over as if there is some type of internal cover that has still not fully opened or adjusted.  Sorry, this is the best way to describe this related symptom.


I did a google search and read about camera lens sticking and using compressed air to blow out a possible spec of sand, or using a vacuum to suck out a particle.  Neither method seems applicable for me.  If it is not hot or humid outside, the len cover opens just fine. 


Any thoughts on 1) why this is happening, and 2) how I can use a DIY to fix it?


My thanks in advance.