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Canon PowerShot G12 dark screen mystery


After years of flawless operation my G12's LCD screen suddenly will not display but remains black EXCEPT in Video mode, C2 mode, & when looking at various photos on the memory card.  And..if I take a pic with the black screen in Auto mode I will hear the focus beeps (but no green squares display) and the G12 takes a normal pic which then displays fine on the screen. It's just when I'm ready to take another photo, finger on or off the shutter-release button, that the screen goes black again after a few seconds. Switching to Video mode the screen comes on again & remains on.  Any ideas wahts wrong? I didn't drop camera, didn't get wet, the battery is fine, and i tried a different memory card.   thanks!



Thanks for posting!


While our Forum Community members are welcome to chime in, your product has been retired. Once a product is retired, the official Canon support content (troubleshooting articles, user guides, how-to videos, etc.) may be removed from the Canon website. To take advantage of Canon's innovative technologies, consider reaching out to our Canon Upgrade Specialists at 1-800-443-8002.


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