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Canon PowerShot A75 Camera User Guide


I would like to get a copy of the Canon A75 Camera User Guide.


Your popup blocker likely kicked in. Try this link: CLICK ME

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Hi KV! On my own before posting my call for help I found the above address you subsequently suggested. PowerShot A75 Camera User Guide 2.22 MB File Size. It should be everything that I need. I left clicked and right clicked the VIEW icon and nothing happened. Do you have any idea on what more I can try to see this particular document? Many thanks! Ollie


I just left-clicked on view and the PDF showed up. I don't know why you should have issues. I think the name is a link, too, you can try that.


Hi KV! We have two computers. I tried it on our second computer and it worked perfectly as it worked for you. My Wife and I are both 75 years old and have a lot of trouble with modern technology - computers and phones. We cannot thank you enough for your help. We remember a gentler time when civility and manners developed to show respect were appreciated. Nowadays they are all too often replaced by rudeness, insults, attacks and even hate. We are at a loss to explain it. Again many thanks! Ollie

Since there are no repercussions for rude behaviour on the internet, the normal social guide rails are often ignored. 

Your popup blocker likely kicked in. Try this link: CLICK ME

Hi Stephen! Thank you very much for your help. You indirectly solved for us a problem that we have been wrestling with for some time. Many times we have not been able to access information on various internet sites. It turns out that our Firefox Settings were set to Block Popups. We never knew such a thing could happen. We are obviously not good with computers. Your link worked perfectly. Unfortunately when I tried to download it the manual did not come out as full pages but as a streaming narrow band of information that is very difficult to use. I do not know why. Again many thanks! Ollie

The PDF is formatted like the booklet that came with the camera.


I see a number of them on eBay, both original from the box and copies that have been printed by people to sell to folks who don't want to print it themselves.