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Canon G7X Mark iii Backorder


How long will the Canon G7X Mark iii Backorder take?

I purchased a Canon Powershot G7X Mark iii earlier this week but didn't realise it was in backorder.

Does anyone know how long it will take for new stock to be shipped?

And out of curiosity, can someone please explain why all Powershot cameras appear to be on backorder? What's caused this? Is it down to popularity, or Canon having issues with manufacturing? I know there have been issues with the Mark iii autofocus.. is Canon now fixing this issue during the manufacturing stage instead of just a firmware update?




This is a user forum.  It is social media.  It is not Canon Sales, Support, or Service.  We know nothing about your order and do not have the means to find the answers that you seek.

If you have any questions about your order or out-of-stock items, then you should contact your vendor directly.

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I'm hoping someone else is more helpful. Thanks!

As Waddizzle correctly stated, yours is a sales question.  You'll need to contact whomever it was that you purchased the camera from.   If you purchased directly from Canon, call Canon's sales department.  If you purchased from B&H Photo, contact them.  etc.


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Hi brinr,

If you placed an order from our site, you'll be notified automatically when your order ships. Otherwise, our sales team may have more insight. You can reach them at 1-800-385-2155. They're available Monday through Saturday.

Hope this helps! 


I called customer service prior to ordering it and they said they don’t know when it’ll restock it can take 4/5/6 months. They didn’t have an answer for me so I’ll just buy it when I see it available. 

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