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Canon G7X Mark III Live Streaming Questions


Hi all. I recently purchased a G7X Mark III and needed some questions answered about live streaming. If I want to livestream to Twitch, I would have to obtain an HDMI cable along with a video capture card correct? Also, I understand that the camera display will shut off after 3 min, but does this affect the HDMI output that is being displayed on the computer? 

In regards to the capture card I would have to get, does it matter which one? I know the Cam Link is popular, but I've also read that the HDMI video capture on Amazon works fine too.

Thanks for reading and any help is appreciated !!!



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi jschcamuser,

When the display on the camera goes to sleep it would also stop the HDMI output. To help keep the screen on longer you can set the Power Savings settings to delay sleep mode. To check that press the Menu button and go to the second page under the yellow wrench icon. Select Power Saving and set the Display Off and Auto Power Off settings as far out as possible. The camera will likely still go into sleep mode after about 30 minutes even if you disable the Auto Power Off. 

We do not make capture cards or capture software through Canon, so there aren't specific ones we can recommend through Canon support.

One other option would be to use our EOS Webcam Utility. To use that software you would connect the camera and computer directly with a USB cable. If you want to try that it is available HERE. Once you are on the web page click on the gray Drivers and Downloads button, select the Software tab, and the current version for Windows is EOS Webcam Utility 1.1 Windows and the current version for Mac computers is EOS Webcam Utility 1.0 macOS.

Once that is installed restart the computer to finalize the installation. When the computer is done restarting connect the camera and computer with a USB cable, open your conferencing or streaming service, and when you go to select your camera in the conferencing or streaming service you will see an option for EOS Webcam Utility. When you do that it will start using the video feed from your camera.

Thank you so much for the response! When I took your advice for the USB connection and software instillation, I received this message on the Canon website 


 It’s saying there’s no software for the camera I selected. Can you help me with this? 

Thanks again! 

Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,


In the screen capture I see that the operating system selected is [OS Version]. This would cause the site to not list any software since there is no operating system selected. If you click where it says [OS Version] you can choose whichever operating system your computer is using and it will show you the appropriate downloads below.

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