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Canon G7X MARK II LCD problem - Screen Goes Black


Hey everyone,

I'm encountering an issue with my Powershot G7x Mark II. When I turn on the camera, the lens extends, and the Canon logo appears on the LCD screen. However, after about 5-6 seconds, the logo disappears, and the screen goes black, even though the lens remains extended as if ready to shoot.

Interestingly, when I press the menu or playback buttons, the LCD screen displays the expected content. However, it doesn't allow me to connect the camera view to the camera itself, preventing me from starting shooting.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to troubleshoot or fix this problem?

Thanks in advance for your help!



Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi there,

I think I know what may be happening. After you power the camera on please press the [INFO.] button on the camera once or twice to see if the screen display changes. This button is also the bottom of your camera's rear control wheel and the [INFO.] function will cycle through the different LCD display options. If you press the button four or five times and still don't see the live image, then that might point to an issue with the camera's imaging sensor, but I would say nine times out of ten the display settings just got changed and you should be back up and running in no time.

I powered the camera on and pressed the info button on the dial twice and my screen stayed black, so I went ahead and pressed the gallery button to turn the display on and then pressed the info button 2-4 times and all it did was show me the information of the photos on my sd card -- it didn't display the live camera's pov. Do you know how I can fix the image sensor? the lenses are undetachable. 


I turns out I have the exact same problem.

It started happening a while back when the tripod was attached to it. Removing the tripod did work. That can't be a good sign, nor a permanent solution.

Then life happened. Then, months later, on March 20, I tried the camera again, same problem.

Playback allow to switch the camera off, and I can review the content of the card, etc. I'm pretty sure I can use the wireless connection to download the pictures.

So I put on my tinkerer costume and pulled out the 00 philips screw driver. I removed the plastic plate with the "N-mark", held by 4 screws on the other side of the battery door. Turns out one was already clearly loose, and the other not tight.

And voila, the camera turns on and shoot.

Screwing the plate back on restore it to non functional state.

My suspicion is a flaky contact somewhere, either broken PCB, solder crack or other. Which the pressure of the 1/4" tripod mount or the plastic shell cause. Something a skilled technician may be able to fix (don't try this if you have no idea. If you do it's your responsibility, you shouldn't take some rando's advice on the internet as a reference manual).

Given that today, if you had CAD 1000 to spend, you would have to buy a Sony since Canon is out of stock, I feel like that repairing could be the path to resolving the problem.

Replacing the whole unit for $400 (that's like CAD 540) as I have seen in another post is the shortcut you can take when you can get the replacement part (like if you are a Canon repair tech).

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